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Why lease a car?

Finding a new car can be a minefield. PCP, PCH, Cash, HP etc. etc. There are so many options out there, it can all get a little, well...confusing.

Leasing a car, although a relatively new idea in the personal car market, has been growing rapidly year on year, and for good reason. Here's a few reasons why:

1. You can often get a better car for your money.

Lease costs are worked out by looking at the value of the car at the end of the lease contract. Cars that hold their value are likely to be cheaper to lease, so you may be able to afford an upgrade by leasing a car, instead of buying.

2. Leasing is often cheaper than other finance deals.

Because you are only paying for the use of the car over a fixed period, the monthly cost is likely to be cheaper than a PCP or HP deal, plus there is no balloon payment at the end as you simply hand the car back. This makes it possible to get a brand new car every few years with no depreciation to consider.

3. With Lookers Leasing, full maintenance is included in the monthly cost as standard.

Car maintenance is a frequently overlooked cost when getting a new car, but is actually a big part of the cost of running a car. Recent surveys by Kwik Fit found that the average cost for servicing, maintenance, unexpected repairs and breakdowns, breakdown cover and car tax is around £600 a year. This is likely to come in unexpected lump sums which have not been budgeted for. With Lookers Leasing, you can rest assured that this is all covered in one monthly cost, cutting out the concern of unexpected big bills. This brings us to our next point.....

4. One fixed monthly payment for a fixed period

This makes it very easy to budget, as you will have agreed a cost at the start of your contract, which will not change for the duration. There's no payment at the end (other than for excess mileage or any damage) and if you lease with Lookers, there's no big initial payment to pay either. Your first payment is your first months rental once you have the car.

5. It's not your problem to sell or trade in the car

Cars, unlike houses, are likely to depreciate hugely over the time you have them, which could mean a big loss when you come to sell, particularly if you buy new. At the end of a lease deal, you simply hand the car back, so you don't have to worry about the depreciation or how to sell the car.

6. Get the pick of any car available in the UK from one place

Don't want to traipse around numerous car garages to find the car of your dreams? At Lookers Leasing, we can get you any car currently available in the UK, so the world is your oyster. Choose the make, colour, spec of your choice and drive away in a car you REALLY want, not one chosen for you by what's in stock.

Ready to consider leasing? Contact us today for your personalised quote on 01423 853000, or email us on fullservicelease@lookersleasing.co.uk

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