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What is a full service lease?

Car leasing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, mainly because it is an affordable way to drive a brand new car every few years. However, there are a number of different terms attached to personal contract hire cars which may not be obvious when looking at your options.

The majority of leases available don't include maintenance, a cost which is often overlooked by many when buying or leasing a car. If this isn't included, it's an additional expense to consider when looking at the monthly lease cost and what you can afford to spend on your car annually. A survey recently commissioned by Kwik Fit found that drivers are spending an average of £162 per month on their car, excluding any finance costs, with servicing, repairs, breakdown cover and road tax a large part of this figure.

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A full service lease will help you to budget for these costs by including them in your monthly lease.

All of the personal contract hire deals offered by Lookers Leasing include full maintenance as standard, which covers the following:

- Service

- Repairs

- Tyres

- Breakdown Cover

- Road Tax

This allows you to drive worry free, knowing that you won't be hit with an unexpected bill if something goes wrong.

Another thing to look at when considering your options is the upfront payment. Many leasing companies charge 3, 6 or 9 months rental upfront, again something you will need to factor in when budgeting for your car. This can be costly, and remember, because it is a lease, you will not own the car at the end, so paying an upfront payment can be a difficult pill to swallow.

We know that a lot of people don't have a deposit for a new car available, so all of our leases do not require an upfront payment. The first payment you make is the first month's initial payment once you have received the car.

As part of Lookers PLC, we have access to any car available in the UK, so the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a car with us. We don't buy cars in bulk, every PCH car is ordered from new to your specifications, so you can rest assured knowing you can get the car you want.

To get your personalised quote, please contact us on 01423 853000 or email us on fullservicelease@lookersleasing.com

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