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The new electric Corsa-e is unveiled

The model will be the first-ever Corsa to be powered by battery, and could do almost 300 miles on a single charge.

Alongside the Grandland X PHEV, the Corsa-e is at the forefront of Vauxhall’s efforts to expand its electric vehicle (EV) range and reduce CO2 emissions.

As one of the manufacturer’s best sellers, there have been over two million Corsas sold in the UK since its launch in 1993, and over 13.5 million in Europe.

First images reveal a design that blends eye-catching angles with subtle curves, and shares a number of traits with other models from the current line-up.

The new plug-in variant, that opens for orders later in June 2019, will have a range of 211 miles on a single charge, according to early WLTP tests.

That figure may rise to almost 300 miles when driving in the ‘Eco’ mode. A ‘Sport’ setting will also be available, in which the Corsa-e can travel 0-31mph in only 3.1 seconds.

Although Sport mode reduces range, Vauxhall claim the drop will only be around 10 per cent.

The Corsa-e’s battery can be topped up through a wallbox or fast charger, that can charge to 80% in just 30 minutes, and is guaranteed for eight years.

The model is also fitted with a regenerative braking system, that utilises the excess energy created through braking and deceleration. This is converted into electrical energy, which can be used straight away or stored in the battery.

Inside, drivers will find a 10-inch colour touchscreen, wireless phone charger, and compatibility for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There are also a range of assistive features that are likely to help with insurance premiums, including two emergency braking systems and parking aids.

The Automatic Parking Assistant can pull the car in and out of parking bays, with the driver only operating the accelerator, brakes and gears, while the Panorama Rear View Camera provides greater visibility from the rear.

The Corsa-e opens for order in June

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