• Andrew Collett

The hidden cost of maintenance

Choosing a new car can be a minefield. What brand, make, spec, colour? How do you finance it? These are all common considerations, but what about the cost of maintenance?

Maintenance is often not a consideration at the point of purchase. Many dealers don’t mention it and many consumers aren’t aware of the costs of a particular car before purchasing it.

Sometimes, there are ‘service packages’ included in finance deals from dealerships which will give you discounted services for the duration of your contract, but what do these actually include?

Generally speaking, service packages will reduce the actual cost of the service, but not the repairs or consumables required. This might make £99 seem like a good deal; until you get a bill for two new tyres, brake pads and the £99 service fee on top!

So, how much does it really cost to maintain a car these days?

Well, obviously this is dependent on the car you choose as all manufacturers and models will have different prices and requirements when it comes to buying parts and tyres.

The rule of thumb is usually, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the parts and service cost. Nowadays, cars have a whole host of mod cons, including many which are controlled by in car computers. This makes cars much more comfortable, but also much more complicated and service and repairs more costly.

We took a look at the average cost of maintenance for a Range Rover Evoque (MY19) over a 3 year period from new:

- Service 1 (12 months or 16k miles, whichever is sooner) - £373.35 inc. VAT

- Service 2 - £482.02 inc. VAT (this is classed as a major service)

- Service 3 - £373.35 inc. VAT

- 4 new tyres - £785.36

- Front brakes - £406.80

- Rear Brakes - £366.08

- Wiper Blades - £52.23

Total: £2786.96

This works out at around £77.42 per month over a three year period on top of your finance.

If you haven’t taken out a maintenance package with your car, could you afford lump sum payments like this?

This is why, at Lookers Leasing we include a full maintenance package as part of your lease. You get the peace of mind that you won’t have to pay out a large sum of money up front. All of your maintenance costs including servicing, mechanical repairs, tyres, breakdown cover and road tax are included in your monthly cost.

Contact us today on 01423 853000 or fullservicelease@lookersleasing.co.uk for a tailored quote

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