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Car Review - Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 is the newest addition to Volvo’s range, adding to their range of SUV’s, which also includes the XC60 and XC90.

I am already an SUV driver, having owned a Kia Sportage for the past year and a half. We also own a Volvo V40, so we are experienced Volvo drivers.

We bought the V40 when we were planning a family, however now our family has expanded further to two children, we needed something a little bigger to carry the huge array of items that come with a baby and toddler for weekends away, hence our Sportage purchase!

When I got the opportunity to try out the new XC40 for a weekend where we were going to be doing a lot of travelling, I jumped at the chance. The XC60 is actually the Sportage equivalent in terms of size, however I wanted to see how the XC40 would fare with the whole family and a lot of stuff loaded up for the weekend.

Space and Accessibility

My first thought when I opened the boot to get our pushchair in was surprise at how big the boot is. It’s deceptively big, so the pushchair fitted in with ease (and it’s not a small pushchair!). We also fitted in a suitcase and had lots of space remaining.

The XC40 has been designed to fit perfectly with how people use the space and storage in their cars, and it shows. Hidden underneath the floor of the boot is another storage space, perfect for storing smaller things you don’t want moving around in the boot. So far, so good!

The next test was the car seats. Anyone with children knows how heavy and cumbersome these can be. One of ours is isofix, something which all new cars are compatible with. Not all cars make them easy to fit, however. I have spent many wasted minutes trying to fit isofix seats in different cars with varying success over the past couple of years! The XC40 thankfully manages it with ease. The isofix points are easy to find and hugely accessible. The isofix car seat was fitted in a matter of seconds. The second car seat is a seat belt fitting and again was managed within seconds, the height and size of the back making it more accessible and easier to get right in.

Overall, I was impressed with the size of the back. There was plenty of space around the kids for extra storage when kiddy related items inevitably sneak in once the boot is full.

Drive and Comfort

The actual drive of the XC40 is very comfortable. Ours was an automatic and the gear changes were on the main part very smooth. I’m used to a manual, so it made a nice change not having to worry about gear changes. It also packs a punch if you put your foot down!

As it’s a Volvo, the seats are ergonomically designed making it very comfortable even on long journeys. There are also several convenient touches, including a little bin between the two front seats (a godsend when travelling with kids!), large door storage and a wireless charging pad for your phone.


All new Volvo’s now have the Sensus Connect, which is the in-car infotainment system. This sits neatly in the middle of the dashboard and means there is a distinct lack of other buttons. The Sensus Connect is touchscreen and swipeable so anyone familiar with a smartphone should find it relatively easy to use.

Saying this, we struggled initially with the navigation system, as it wasn’t immediately obvious how to input the address and what format to put it in. However, we worked it out and it was very clear once it was up and running. A nice touch was that as well as coming up on the touchscreen, a smaller version also appears directly below the driver’s eyeline, so your eyes aren’t drawn away from the road too much.

There wasn’t a CD drive in the XC40 we drove, so the kids story CD’s we had packed were a no-go. A quick search on Spotify, however, yielded some digital story books, which we eventually managed to stream through the car’s Bluetooth. This wasn’t easy to find on the Sensus Connect but made sense once we found the right place.

The size and quality of the touchscreen was impressive, but It seems some time spent working out how to access everything on it before setting off for the first time would be beneficial!


Overall, the XC40 really impressed both me and my husband with its comfortable drive, convenient and well thought out storage (especially if you have a family) and quality feel of the interior. It feels like a much bigger SUV than it is and can comfortably seat a family of four with a lot of luggage on long journeys. It was a shame to give it back really!

Ours was a diesel model and we did around 400 miles over the whole weekend which cost us approximately £45.

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